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Jan 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
to snap photos. but as he walked back to his car, he was hit and killed by oncoming traffic. dennis, you led a push a few years back to regulate what paparazzi can and cannot do. after this tragedy, justin bieber said we need better laws to protect celebrities and also paparazzi. do you think this might spark that to happen? >> well, i would hope so. we look back at 1997, princess diana, that tragic death. we started in los angeles back in 2008 trying to come up with some new regulations. karen bass at the time was the speaker of the california state assembly, authored legislation on a civil matter. the next year, 2010, we went up to something very significant to take aggressive action. it's about enforcement. it's about enforcement by the local law enforcement but clearly there's the responsibility by the celebrities, by the photographers, we need to safeguard people. this tragedy, this 29-year-old who was trying to become an up-and-coming photographer, a paparazzi in the city of los angeles, tragically killed by a lady who simply is driving down the roadway at night, didn't see him, st
Jan 12, 2013 9:00am PST
to the french defense ministry, the hostage was known as dennis alex. he was shot and killed by his captors during that raid. he had been held captive since 2009. al shabba militants denied a hostage died and claim they have captured a wounded french soldier. >>> no nbc employee will face charges after a high-capacity ammunition magazine was displayed on "meet the press." david gregory held up the empty magazine while talking with the president or ceo of the nra. but the display is against the law in washington. police officials say that there was a miscommunication between nbc and law enforcement. >>> taking a look at what's trending on the web. much to the dismay of "star wars" fans everywhere, the u.s. government will not be building a death star. the white house turned down a petition that was proposing the government create a death star superweapon. the petition received more than 34,000 signatures online. >>> a teacher is being hailed as a hero at a high school shooting in california sh week. ryan herbert stood face to face with the 16-year-old accused shooter and talked to him, buyin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)